Home work

1)  After reading chapter 3 (78-90) in our text, answer question 1 on page 101


2) After watching the video Killing Us Softly by Jean Kilbourne find an advertisement that you think portrays women in either a negative way (object, infantile, silenced, false power, etc) or in a positive way.  Post the link to it, and analyze why you think it is positive or negative.  Link Here>> for Killing us softly by jean..  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rvnO3r0smY


3) What does the article about five genders tell us about the lines that separate gender classifications?  Do you feel it is ethical to impose a gender on a child by operating to eliminate unwanted sex characteristics?  Respond to a classmate’s posting.LINK here for articale about five genders>>> http://capone.mtsu.edu/phollowa/5sexes.html


4) Read our textbook pages 105-110 and 119-126 on women’s personalities.  Then answer question number 3 or 4 on page 132.






James Q. Wilson described three kinds of policing. Which do you feel is the most effective? Why?


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