Hook: This part is optional. You start the paper trying to capture the reader’s attention.

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Introduction (Proposal)

The first part of the process of writing a research paper is the introduction. This section discusses the topic you have selected to research. It consists of six sections:

  1. Hook: This part is optional. You start the paper trying to capture the reader’s attention. You can do it by either using a quote, asking a question, describing an event, or using statistics. Your hook must be related to your topic.
  2. Broad Description of Topic: You write a paragraph explain your topic with a broad overview.
  3. Thesis: You establish the purpose of your paper by writing a strong thesis statement. The thesis statement explains the position you are taking in the paper, and it should be at the end of your overview.
  4. Statement of the Problem: In this section, you need to describe three to five reasons why the topic is important. In other words, this section must have at least three paragraphs.
  5. Research Questions: You must include three to five research questions that are related to your thesis statement. These research questions will guide you through your review of the literature, which is the main section of your paper.
  6. Literature Review:  You must use at least six sources in this section, which three must be from academic sources. In other words, you are going to write an overview of what other people have written about your topic, and you must cite the sources in the body of your paper using APA format. This section should have at least eight paragraphs.
  7. References: You must include a Reference List for the sources you used in the introduction. The reference list must follow APA format.

The research paper must be written on standard English, and student should use the proper punctuation and capitalization. Also, it is recommended that students use academic language as much as possible.

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