how can a client change the design of their product to improve it’s usability

For your last assignment, I would like you to focus on the RECOMMENDATIONS section. Based on your observations and findings on the Lime, I want you to come up with ways the product can be improved. Imagine you are a HF Psychologist hired by a company that needs your help to improve the usability of their product. Naturally, they will expect you to help guide them in how to fix the usability issues that you have found.
You can submit this in the form of a list, paragraphs, charts, etc. Again, it is up to YOU as the researcher to get your point across to your client about how they can change the design of their product to improve it’s usability. Anyway you choose to do that is fine.
BUT PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU EXPLAIN EACH RECOMMENDATION! So, do not just give me a list of ways to fix/improve the product. After you state the recommendation, it is critical that you explain WHY this is important and HOW your recommendation can specifically be applied to improve the product. You should probably have AT LEAST 4 or 5 recommendations.