How can an organization be strategic with their most important resource-their people?

Tasha Discussion:  Managing the Modern Workplace

Now let us take a look at what it takes to put it all together. How  do you manage human resources in a global technological environment? How  can an organization be strategic with their most important  resource-their people? Explain your answer. You must use at least two  scholarly sources to support your discussion.

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Human resources can be managed globally by way of internet,  which allows access for all candidates in all countries to find a job  that matches their skill in their preferred location to work. “For  employees it is easier to find jobs in any field. There is also the  fact that it is easy to upload the CV with their experience, accuracy of  information and they get contacted directly by the recruiter” (Rosoiu  & Popescu, 2016, p. 47). With the use of the internet, a global  company can post their jobs on a talent network like Indeed which allows  a company to post job in any country across the world. Recruiters will  have the role of going through applications and sending them to each  applicable work location.

Occupation “analysis and design can be adapted to ensure  operations in unstable countries run remotely, from safer hubs across  the world, or in partnership with locals. Information can feed into  organizational strategies for global operations such as joint ventures  and outsourcing” (Youssef-Morgan & Stark, 2014, p. 11.1). U.S.  companies outsource jobs to international companies to save money while  stretching their consumer database. Another advantage of using  technology in business is that it keeps a line of communication always  open, no matter where the messenger and receiver are located.

“Video portals reduce the behavioral costs of communication and for  the first time allow tightly coupled remote work to succeed” (Karis,  Wildman & Mane, 2016, p. 2). When vital information needs to be  shared from one country to another, video conferencing can be set up  through a computer monitor or television screen, which is hooked up  using bandwidth with audio. Not to mention that nonverbal language can  be expressed as well and companies don’t have to wait for face to face  talks.


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How do you manage human resource global technological environment the management of global technological environment by using magnitudes of environmental,  competitive, and global marketing changes (Kotelnikov, 2018). Global  technological environment is unprecedented. Globalization it is an  interesting and a exciting world for employer’s because of it’s volatile  and chaotic. The volatility  of global technological it describes the economic change giving  opportunely for extremely fast explosive upsurges and quick turn downs  and turn-away. Chaos it is the word which describes a change of  employer’s direction making changes to hire applicant’s because of the  economic changes.

Global technological environment is a part of the world building of an  enormous and a flexible organization (Wikipedia, 2018). How can an  organization be strategic only when the organizations have set goals for  the organization resources for people to become involved with setting  organization goals to hire applicant’s in jobs after determining what  actions to take for the company to work on achieving there company’s the  work best for their company goals and accepting mobilizing as a  resources. Companies will execute actions within there organizations to  complete strategic actions of gaining knowledge of the resources  applicant’s will need to achieve if hired. A strategic organization is  described as setting goals for a large number of employe’s with the end  results as setting goals that will give the organizations the resources  for leading an organization toward determining what strategy will work  for the organization using set goals. Strategic organization is an  organization making plans to observe employee’s work pattern’s and  activities for accepting environment or competes.

Global technological environment is selective when organization there strategic goals

(Wikipedia,  2018). Human resources operations use global technological environment  to achieve the basic environmental tools to create new jobs, upgrade  training options and reading materials for applicant’s to read about how  the human resources operation needs to use global technological to help  applicant’s to get hired. Organizations can be strategic using  development planning. The important resource for organizations is human  resource management. Human resource management responsibilities to make  sure the human resource department is operating smooth supports the  resources strategic resource is a part of the resources for people.


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