How descriptive or detailed they instructions are

Best/Worst Instructions Assignment

Look at the Assignment on the bottom of page five of your syllabus on Effective and Ineffective Instructions. This assignment is about 1 – 2 pages for the good instructions and about the same for the bad ones. The instructions can be ones you used for assembling furniture, a computer, an appliance etc. It can even be for something like coloring your hair, doing some arts and crafts project. Etc.

However, if you are unable to find instructions at home, then use the directions that someone gave to you. I am sure that you have been given excellent directions and horrible ones.

You can choose a set of instructions for something that you recently purchased or purchased at some point in the past.  I bought a Dell color laser printer this year.  Besides being a great deal, since they have full toner cartridges and not starter cartridges, the instructions were wonderful.  They were color coded and easy-to-follow on a large chart.  However, I also bought wooden desk for my office made by O’Sullivan.  Believe me when I tell you that it sure wasn’t the Luck of the Irish to buy that desk.  The directions were written side-by-side in English and Spanish in about a 3-point font.  The visuals looked like they were dipped in water first.  The overall detail was lacking.  I just wanted to use some examples for you. 

Due by  midnight on Friday, July 6th

There is an example on pages three-ten in the sample booklet of assignments. There are  samples of effective and ineffective instructions there.

You will need to use four paragraphs (a conclusion is optional). Make sure to use: format,  visuals used, and level of detail.

These will be your three points of criteria.

Format includes:
Use of colors
Different fonts
Bold, Italics, Underline, etc
You get the idea overall

Visuals include:
Any visuals or graphics used to clarify the instructions. You need to evaluate how effective or useful they are.

Level of detail:
How descriptive or detailed they instructions are. Conversely, this could be poorly detailed or developed.