How do you stay motivated when there are obstacles or setbacks?

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The Double Blind Administration can help reduce many future cases of wrongful conviction due to eyewitness report. Not only are the ideas that are implemented designed to protect the victim, but also any person who may not have done the crime.  Seeing that Jennifer studied the photos as if to make sure it was the person, only boosted her confidence in being completely “sure” that Mr Cotton was the person who attacked her. Memory can be a very tricky thing as at times, what we may perceive or remember, may not always be correct, as in Jennifer’s’ case. We may add details, forget details, or even convince ourselves of something to be completely fabricated. Implementing The Double Blind Administration, being cautious and knowledgeable of how the memory works can be a great tool in all future cases where there is eyewitness reports.



I believe that points on misidentification practices have definitely come a long way with helping officers get the correct person the first time. Double blind administration of line ups is a very helpful practices because then the eyewitness can go off of what they saw and remember rather than a officers telling them their thoughts or that this suspect is guilty of another heinous crime to just put them away. Our memory and its works are extraordinary it can change in the blind of an eye you can see a person in the dark and be sure that they have on a blue shirt and someone questions it are you sure it was blue it might have been black and with that little thought you whole memory has changed about what you were so sure of to uncertainty.

Over confident statement can also hinder a eyewitness decision. Going in saying this is what they were wearing and saying and how they looked I’m sure of it can hinder the whole case because with all those points you did not take into account it was night time there was not light, reflection can look different at night , a voice can sound different in a different location and similar features. Taking the time to remind the eyewitness that it is ok they do not have to rush or if they feel that the person is not in there that is ok as well and they are still going to proceed with a case just reassuring them that they are still going to do everything in there power can also help a case now that once confident person tells you I’m not sure and then the rest of the case is not held up with this false acquisition with an eyewitness who originally did not know in the first place.



  • How do you stay motivated when there are obstacles or setbacks?
  • What do you tell yourself to keep yourself motivated?
  • Have you traditionally been a pessimist or an optimist?


  • What are three goals you would like to accomplish by the end of this course, related to your writing skills?
  • What behaviors will you implement to help you accomplish your goals?
  • What will accomplishing your goals mean for you?


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