. How is Hinduism and Caste intertwined?

Please answer each question in about half a page for each question (Times New Roman; 12-point font, Single Space)

1. Explain the differences between Caste, class and Reservations in India

2. How is Hinduism and Caste intertwined?

3. What is the contribution of early empires (Maurya, Gupta, Mughal) to India’s formation as a modern nation-state?

4. How did the British colonial rule contribute to emergence of India as a modern nation-state? What is the importance of Indian national Congress

5. Why did Partition occur and what were the consequences?

6. Why did India choose to be a secular democratic federal republic?

7. What is AyodhyaDispute and what was its fall out?

8. What is the dispute over Kashmir and how does it endanger India’s security and democracy?