I need help

Write a 700- to 1050-word paper that does the following:

  • Summarizes your background and what makes you unique in a 1-paragraph elevator pitch
  • Identifies 3 to 4 companies you want to work for, and an explanation as to why
  • Identifies the best methods for contacting those companies and engaging those who might influence the hiring decision

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.



*I have been working in the industrial hydraulics, pnuematics, lubrication industry for 15 years.  We produce and sell components such as cylinders, pumps, motors, fittings, accessories, etc. that make things move (power units, lubrication systems, etc.)   I manage the three retail walk-in stores in our southeast region.   


*I’d like to work for Gulfstream aerospace in their hydrualic systems department.  Further career development opportunities, the company will help pay for college courses, and better compensation eligibilities.  


*I’d like to work for Boeing company as well.  Many of the same reasons given above.  


* I’d like to work for some sort of company like a plant, mill, energy company, in some field such as systems integration or the like.