I strongly encourage you to read and reread the announcements and emails that I’ve sent that contain feedback on the class’s last papers



Comments from teacher on outline.

Your outline is well formed. Your thesis is very specific and refined.

Above all, your poetry essay should explain and explore the theme of your poem, and then the essay should show HOW the author conveys this theme.

Remember: you should never simply give a blanket summary of the poem; each paragraph should specifically develop your thesis.  And you should never simply point to parts of the poem without explaining HOW they relate back to and explore the poem’s theme.  Additionally, don’t forget to utilize quotations from your poem in your papers. These quotations should be used carefully and judiciously. Don’t let them overpower your paper; instead, allow the quotations to be the evidence for your arguments. USE the quotes to show how the author conveys the theme.

I strongly encourage you to read and reread the announcements and emails that I’ve sent that contain feedback on the class’s last papers. I’ll be sending more information soon, so be on the lookout.

Throughout this course, I hope that you don’t ever get frustrated. You don’t have to be a wizened and seasoned literary scholar to succeed in this course; rather, you simply need to have a willingness to explore the text and the ability to write clear arguments.  These arguments should help you illuminate and expand your understanding of text. You possess the ability to do that. I look forward to your success in the course. You can do it!  As always, please let me know if I may ever help you. – Dr. Rock

In case you want to use MLA, here’s an example of how to reference your book. (I’ve already sent out this example as an email.)

Jackson, Shirley. “The Lottery.” 1948. Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Writing. Ed. X. J. Kennedy and Dana Gioia. 6th Compact Interactive ed. Boston: Longman, 2010. 213-218.

You’ll notice that the reference needs to be in 12 point Times New Roman and is doubled spaced with a hanging indent, and the title of the book should be italicized. Don’t forget to use in-text citations in addition to references at the end of the paper.

NOTE: Please include the following in your essay:

1. Meets word/page count requirement  – 750 words

2. Cover Page

3. MLA/APA/ Turabian format

4. Thesis Statement

5. Outline

The General Writing Requirements sheet speaks to these and other elements in greater detail. You can find the General Writing Requirements sheet located in the classroom under “Course Content” —> “Course Guides and Assignment Instructions” —> “Assignment Instructions.”

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