I would like you to choose to support God exist

 Your assignment is to write a short paper in which you will discuss and defend your opinion on the following topic:  A proof of the existence of God(s)

I would like you to choose to support God exist

you should (a) pick one of the proofs and (b) explain why you do or do not believe that it is correct.

Your paper should:

1. Be between 950 and 1100 words in length (this is approximately 3 – 4 pages).  If the paper is less than 950 or more than 1250 words in length, you will lose points.

2. Have one inch margins all around and use 12 point, Times New Roman or Arial font.

3. Focus on making the best arguments possible.  This is not a research paper, so you should not spend significant amounts of time studying various online or text sources.  I am chiefly interested in your ability to coherently defend your opinion.  Your conclusion is not as important as how well you are able to defend it.

4. Explain the basics of the theory or proof that you choose. If you do not understand circular reasoning, for example, there is no way that you will be able to write an effective defense of why you believe it is correct, because you cannot argue in favor of it if you do not understand it.

5. Avoid citations, since this is intended to be an original work that you, personally, craft. If you must use citations (from your textbook or other source), use them sparingly.  I prefer Chicago-style citations, but I will accept MLA.

Please no plagiarism as all works are ran through Turnitin