I wouldn’t eat after that two-year-old if I were you

video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EiTPYkE218

Inference Practice Questions

Using your best inference strategies, make an inference about the following statements. Copy and paste your answers into the assignment response.

The first two are done for you.

  1. I wouldn’t eat after that two-year-old if I were you.
    Inference: The two-year-old probably did something gross to the food you were about to eat or has a cold and you could catch it. Something bad will happen to you if you eat the food. 
  2. For Valentine’s Day, my fantastic neighbor gave his wife a poem that took him about two seconds to write. Sheesh.
    Inference: My neighbor is not very considerate since he didn’t take his time writing the poem.
  3. A man ran after a retreating bus, waving his briefcase frantically. Inference:
  4. If she died, I wouldn’t go to her funeral. Inference:
  5. Jake almost wished that he hadn’t listened to the radio. He went to the closet and grabbed his umbrella even though he would feel silly carrying it to the bus stop on such a sunny morning. Inference:
  6. Hey! What happened to all the school construction money taken from the taxpayers? It paid for this toilet the money was flushed down. Inference:
  7. As you give a speech in front of a large audience, you realize that people are laughing behind their hands and pointing to the region below your waist. Inference:
  8. No, Honey, I don’t want you to spend a lot of money on my birthday present. Just having you for a husband is the only gift I need. In fact, I’ll just drive my old rusty bucket of bolts down to the mall and buy myself a little present. And if the poor old car doesn’t break down, I’ll be back soon. Inference:
  9. A woman walks into a hospital clutching her abdomen and yelling at her husband, who trails behind her carrying a large bag. Inference:
  10. You’re driving on the highway, listening to the radio, and a police officer pulls you over. Inference: