If you use a video or audio clip, it

In a PowerPoint, your oral presentation should include biographical information about the author, a summary of the major points, a reading of the poem if you are presenting on a poem, a paraphrase of the meaning of the poem, and a discussion of how the poem/essay connects to the characteristics of the period in which it was written.  All poems or prose listed should be covered. Poems should be read to the class. Note:  If the poem is long, choose stanzas to read to the class that you feel are most important. Be sure to reference any outside sources you use. You may use visuals such as Films on Demand/Youtube/DVD, but it is not required. If you use a video or audio clip, it(they) may not exceed a total of five minutes of the presentation time. Your presentation should be at least 15 minutes and not exceed 20 minutes. The Story in using is Augustine (354-430) Its due  tuesday @ 11am any more questions just  ask.