ii. Where possible go back to the original source material

Research paper and oral report.

  1. Written Report:
    1. Must include the following:

i. Cover Page

ii. One page Executive Summary

iii. 7-10 pages of which the cover pages and executive summary do NOT count

iv. Minimum of 7 sources of which only 2 may be online sources

v. Must include a bibliography page including sources

  1. Content should include:

i. History of the company or organization

ii. Types of products and services offered

iii. Types of employment available with the company

iv. Discussion of the organizational corporate culture

v. Anticipated future direction of the company and financial outlook

vi. Summary of your findings and determination of whether you would still be interested in working for this organization and why or why not (no more than 1 page of the report)

vii. You must include at least one block quotation.

  1. Format:

i. Double Spaced

ii. Follow Margins that will be discussed in class

iii. Must follow current APA style

iv. Submitted both in hard copy and electronically in MS Word format.

v. Entire report should be written in past tense and 3rd person.

  1. Sources

i. Wikipedia and similar are NOT sources

ii. Where possible go back to the original source material

iii. You may use company created content (website etc.) however it should not be one of your major sources

iv. Make sure to cite al material that is direct quote or not common knowledge.

v. Use in text citation as appropriate.

  1. Grade Rubric

i. Electronic Version  -5

ii. Format -20

iii. Content -25

iv. Grammar/Punctuation -25

v. Quotation -5

vi. Citation -20