Illinois Teachers

December 3, 2019
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December 3, 2019

Illinois Teachers

  1. Watch Creating a Research Question.
  2. Read the article, “Inquiring Illinois Teachers Want to Know: Action Research Questions From the Field.”

In your written assignment:

  1. Identify a general topic in your MAED specialization.
  2. Describe a problem that you are having or foresee having in regard to your identified topic. (Describe the
    context of your educational setting and/or classroom including student demographics, grade, subject, etc.)
  3. Explain how you know this is a problem (e.g., describe student evidence).
  4. Describe why you want to study this problem.
  5. List three potential research questions addressing your problem. (In thinking about the research question,
    you want to think about ways you can improve or change your practice.)

EDU 695 Week 2 DQ 1 What is Action Research

What Is Action Research? Read the following articles about action research:


a. b. c. d.

In this a.

b. c. d.

“Action Research Fosters Empowerment and Learning Committees”

Themes in Education: Action Research

“Supporting Technology Integration Through Action Research”
“Practical Strategies for Facilitating Classroom Teachers’Involvement in Action Research”

discussion forum, answer the following questions:
What is your definition and/or understanding of action research? What are the benefits of and barriers to action research?
Do you see the value of conducting classroom-based inquiries? What are three questions you have about action research?

EDU 695 Week 2 DQ 2 What Does Action Research Look Like

What Does Action Research Look Like?Complete both parts of this prompt,

Part One: The studies listed below provide examples of various action research designs and projects. Read at least one of these studies. Then, identify the research question, the participants, the data methods, and at least one implication/significant finding.

  1. “Action Research in the Classroom: A Process that Feeds the Spirit of the Adolescent”
  2. “Using a Participatory Action Research Approach to Create a Universally Designed Inclusive High
    School Science Course: A Case Study”
  3. “Boys and Reading: An Action Research Project Report”
  4. “Teaching and Learning Evolution: Testing the Principles of a Constructivist Approach Through Action
  5. “Action Research in the Classroom: Assisting a Linguistically Different Learner with Special Needs”
  6. “Action Research in the Secondary Science Classroom: Student Response to Differentiated, Alternative

Part Two: Find an example of an action research project pertaining to your MAED specialization using a database from the Ashford University Library (e.g., EBSCOhost, ERIC) or Google Scholar. Identify the research question, the participants, the data methods, and at least one implication. You can use this article for your“Critical Reviews of Literature” assignment in Week Three.

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