In summary, this doctrine states that music can affect your body, mind, and soul

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The five main characteristics of Baroque art are the use of:

Motion – Figures and objects in Baroque art are often in motion, or depicting the moments before or after motion.

Space –  The concept of or use of Space in Baroque art refers to an active use of space. In other words, it is not referring to space as just the setting. The space functions like a character playing an integral role in the story or action of the artwork.

Concept of timeThe concept or element of time in Baroque art refers to a precise, unique, or significant moment.

Dramatic lightFigures and objects in dark space are often highlighted by dramatic lighting.

Overall high drama or theatricalityTheatricality in Baroque art is fueled by the other elements. The action, the location, moment, the lighting, all combine to create an overall sense of high drama.

Of the examples in Chp. 18, which piece (in your opinion) best exemplifies the use of these characteristics? Explain how each of the Baroque ideals are exemplified in the artwork you choose. (Include an image of the artwork you choose with your post.)


The ancient Greeks believed in the “doctrine of ethos.” In summary, this doctrine states that music can affect your body, mind, and soul. It can affect your feelings. For instance, have you ever been sad and music made you feel better? Music can affect your responses and even your actions. Do you believe this is true, either entirely or in part? Give examples to help explain your response.