In this assignment you will look for four pieces of publicly available published material to summarize

i upload my articles, and I already found 2 publications, all you need to do is find another 2 or 3 publications and summary all four publications with thesis and 1200 words.

In this assignment you will look for four pieces of publicly available published material to summarize. The published materials may be articles in journals, magazines, or newspapers, or material from websites. Locate four publications you think will give you information that will be helpful in your final ethnographic report. Three of the sources must be from traditional print media. You may have to locate more than four and select the best ones. Each of the publications you use should run at least 2000 words.

This assignment has two main parts: 1. a straightforward summary of each of the four documents, and 2. a framework for the summaries.

The framework is a typical introductory paragraph and one or two concluding paragraphs in which you briefly discuss the four documents together, perhaps linking the most important or interesting information you obtained from your four sources. You should discuss new knowledge that you have gained from the literature pieces and how the new knowledge has informed you about your next step of research.

You should decide which document you will summarize first, second, third, and fourth and provide some logical links between the summaries—for example, mentioning that the next summary contains a different type of information from the last, or elaborates on the information from the last, or approaches the topic from a different perspective.

Remember to include a thesis statement in the introduction that will make it clear what the point of this paper is, with its four summaries. Your literature review should run around 1200 words.