Informative essay+ Reflective essay


Informative essay :

Assignment: Write an informative essay in 1000+ words. It’s best to write about something you know well or are interested in knowing well: show your readers what the activity, subject, or hobby is, and describe it in language that captures why the subject is worth caring about and understanding. Using vivid details, specific examples and strong evidence will really help, as will your tone: if you can convince your reader that you are passionate about the topic, they will be more likely to be invested in it. Organize your writing around a specific thesis.

By the time they finish your essay, your readers should either know something specific they previously did not about the topic, and/orshould have corrected misconceptions about the topic. If you can’t summarize, in a sentence or two, what your readers will learn by reading your essay, then likely it does not yet have enough focus to be successful.

Audience: An acquaintance who doesn’t know much about the topic and/or has misconceptions about the topic.

Other Notes: Be certain to organize your informative essay around a clear, specific thesis. Include an additional works cited page and cite at least three sources. These can be authoritative books, articles or (appropriate) web-pages, or can even be interviews with others who share your interest. Your tone should be professional, and you should establish that you are knowledgeable and trustworthy on this topic.


 Reflective Essay

Due Date: 3/11

Assignment: In 500+ words, write a reflective essay on Informative Essay #1. Your essay should address the following elements:

Before writing info. Essay #1, what were your expectations about the assignment? What concerns did you have?

When you turned in the essay, what did you see as its strengths and weaknesses? Are these strengths and weaknesses common in your writing, or specific to this particular assignment/essay?

Did my comments on your essay fit with your initial evaluation of your essay? If not, why not? Did my comments cause you to think differently about aspects of your essay? If so, which aspects?

Keeping in mind that revision (to re-see) requires a great deal more than editing/proofreading (which just correct relatively minor surface errors), what strategies would you pursue for revising the essay? What specific changes in revision would you like to make?

Your essay should be organized around an analysis of your informative essay, and should have as its primary purposes 1) thoughtfully examining your writing process and your informative essay itself 2) outlining a specific plan for revising the essay to further improve it.

Audience: Your instructor and fellow students. The essay should be written so an acquaintance can easily follow it, and by the time they are finished reading your essay they should understand your own assessment of your strengths and weaknesses as a writer, and how you plan to revise the essay for the final portfolio.

Other Notes: The use of “I” is appropriate for this essay. Be sure to use specific examples, both of your process and of what you plan to do for revision.

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