integrating the new process

At this point you have identified the organization and the deficient process, created a proposal for a new process, and determined the needed resources and your budget. You will now conduct a risk assessment based on this information. What can go wrong when integrating the process? You might consider conflicts between stakeholders. Not everyone will agree with new process. Does your organization have a change management policy or process? If not, what is the risk of proceeding with integrating the new process? Consider this and more as you perform your risk assessment.

After identifying the risks, you should provide some details on how you plan to manage that risk. For instance, if the risk is a lack of a change management system, then you could provide a strategy to effectively implement the new process without a formal system.
This paper should:

  • Be 3 to 4 pages in length.
  • Be supported by research.
  • Identify the risks associated with the new process.
  • Include a plan to overcome these risks.
  • Include an explanation as to how you plan to use your chosen management theories in order to manage the identified risks of implementing the new process.

Consider the results that different theories have and whether or not your chosen theory has the most effective approach.

Consider reviewing the Health and Safety Executive website as it provides various examples of risk assessments.