International Business Homework

Fictionalized HBR Case Study: Should a German-Chinese joint venture follow the ethical rules of the parent company or the country of operation?  (50 Points)

Read this case study:

Xin, K., Wang, H., Xu, S., & Zhang, T. (2011). Culture clash in the boardroom. Harvard Business Review, 89(9), 129-133.

Then answer these questions: What should Liu Peijin do? What would you do in his place? 


  • In this assignment, you are simulating a presentation in a corporate boardroom. Create the Power Point presentation and add a narration track to it.  Also provide a transcript of the narrations in the Notes area of the slide. Here are the instruction as to how to add the narration:
  • In the presentation, you need to support your claim with convincing supporting reasons, evidence, facts, etc. You need to quote or paraphrase specific textual passages from the case accurately. All passages from the case must be cited in-text and in the References final slide per APA guidelines.
  • Other sources are not necessarily required, but as a writer, you must determine what kind of outside support you need to prove your point. Using other sources is highly recommended.
  • This summary presentation should be straightforward and not include unnecessary text. Use your narration to expand on bullet points. Add visual images and graphics to enrich your presentation as necessary to make your point clearly to the board members.
  • Your presentation should be 10-15 slides long.

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