Internet service providers

three-dimensional automations
November 7, 2019
Managing customer relationships
November 7, 2019

Internet service providers

Question 1

A __________ file offers access to the user in real-time.
A. virtual
B. plug-in
C. downloadable
D. streaming

Question 2
FAQs, games, customer support, and sweepstakes are examples of:
A. interactive Web page content.
B. streaming audio/video files.
C. three-dimensional automations.
D. plug-ins.

Question 3
Which of the following products available on the Internet is least likely to change the product strategy decision making of its parent company?
B. Internet service providers
C. Online books
D. iTunes

Question 4
Online shopping agents most directly affect which of the following business activities?
A. Procurement
B. Pricing
C. Marketing
D. Distribution

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