Is this story still relevant to this day? If not, how have our ideas of love changed?

Final Essay Instructions

Select a topic from the list below.

This essay should be in MLA format, 7-8 pgs double-spaced. Please use reasonably sized font (for example:  Calibri 11 or 12)

Works cited: If you are using sources found on the web, be sure that they are properly cited.

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  • Select a work of any discipline of humanities (Art, Musical Theater, Dramatic Theater, Literature, Cinema), analyze the work using 5 or more concepts from our course. Be sure to include the name of the work, author/composer/director/artist and the year it was created. Describe the historical context relevant to this work (ex. What was going on in the world that has impacted this work?). Describe the artistic movement/genre or influences relevant to this work (For example, you may select: Neoclassicism, Renaissance, Modernism, New Wave etc. depending of what is relevant to your particular selection). Identify some of thephilosophical, moral or religious concepts that can be seen to have influenced this work (ex. concepts from Love, Life Affirmation, Morality, Religion chapters of our book). Be sure to use some of the technical terminology relevant to your selected work (ex. Aria, Libretto, Leitmotif, Auteur, Romanticism…) As you apply the various concepts and terminology, be sure to clearly and accurately define the term first, follow up with an example of how this particular concept applies to the work you have selected. Conclude your analysis by recommending or not recommending this work to your readers.
  • Choose a representation of love from a film, novel, song, play, opera or ballet. Be sure to name the writer, artist, composer, director (whichever is applicable) and the year this work was created. Define and discuss what types of love (courtly, eros, agape, platonic) the work of art seems to embody (this includes more than just the main characters’ story line, but supporting characters as well). Include the examples from the story line. Be sure to use the terminology discussed in Chapter 13 and consider the historical context of the time this work has been created. (No “Romeo and Juliet” please, that would be too easy…)
  • Is this story still relevant to this day? If not, how have our ideas of love changed?
  • Apply the the six steps of critical response discussed in Chapter 2.2 to analyze a work of humanities in any of the disciplines we have discussed in this course. Be sure to provide examples of each step and arrive at an informed opinion regarding the importance/in-importance of your chosen subject. Include concepts as “context”, discuss your “dionysian” and “apollonian” responses to this work.