Javascript Practice Exams

I need a JAVASCRIPT Expert to assist me.

I have 7 practice test I need to complete


1- Consistently (three or more times) pass the “JavaScript Specialist Practice Exam” with an 85% or higher.

This exam is 55 questions. It needs to be taken 3 times and pass with a 85% or more on all three times. There is an unlimited amount of tries so You can try as many times as your want.


2- Complete all of the “JavaScript Reinforcement Tests” on all four domains.

There are 4 “Reinforcement Tests”

Test 1- 66 questions

Test 2 – 73 questions

test 3 – 57 Questions

Test 4 – 33 questions

All of these Tests Have UNLIMITED tries. If you fail, just try again.


Paying $100

Will leave $20 Deposit to get started. When the first part is done, will send another $30. When the last 4 tests are done, Will send the last $50. If the job is completed quickly 1/2 days, Will tip another $20.