Job Application Letter

Job Application Letter

(Attached file below is “your works in Art major”. Your Job Application Letter must based on “your works in Art major”. You can copy and paste from “your works in Art major”, but you must to put more emphasis (and provide more specific detail about) how and why these projects exemplify specific skills that advance your professional goals (maybe be more specific about what those goals are?)

This assignment asks you to link your works in Art major to your career goals by finding a job which company named Signs of Seattle ( ), selecting a few work samples appropriate to that position, and writing a 400 word application letter.  Copy the actual job language & qualifications from the ad after your letter. This is necessary so reviewers can evaluate whether you’ve actually spoken to their requirements.

Be sure you make evidence-based claims about what you’re capable of doing.  The letter, in other words, should discuss your work in school as evidence for your abilities.  Don’t just say: “I’m a skilled leader in teamwork situations”; instead, say “My work in (insert course or position) shows I have leadership skills because I’ve done  (insert details).”

Use easier sentences to write. No quotes from any website or resource.

The only one you can use is attached file!

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