Job Exploration

Using online career/employment sites, such as, (and others of your choice) and the Kaplan Library (Find Web Links), search for jobs in the criminal justice field.

Find Web Links

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After you have explored the job listings, choose two jobs that interest you.

Then, for each job you selected, complete the Unit 2 Assignment Template with the following information:

  1. List the job title and job description.

  2. List the skills needed for the job, taken both from the job description and your own analysis of the job. Be sure to list at least five skills, three of which are specific skills in the field of criminal justice.

  3. Explain why each of the skills listed in #2 would be needed to succeed in the position you have selected.

  4. Explain how the skills are related to your professional goals.

  5. Discuss why you are interested in the selected jobs and describe the strategy you would use to achieve the skills needed for the jobs you selected.

Your assignment should be completed using the planning guide provided and written in Standard American English. The assignment will be based on your findings from the career/employment sites that you use and the information you find on the Kaplan Library.

Please make sure you indicate which sites you have used to find your information. In addition, assignments should demonstrate careful proofreading.

Keep in mind that college students are expected to have strong writing skills, and you should put forth your best writing effort for this assignment.

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