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As noted, the chapter starts out with a high note in terms of labor-management relationships. We are given “four lessons from skilled negotiators”. The first one, we are told – the single biggest tool – is to be willing to walk away without a deal.


Isn’t this idea contrary to where we are trying to go in labor-management relations? Take a position and tell us why or why not.


“Four lessons from skilled negotiators”


·         >>>The single biggest tool in any negotiation is the willingness to get up and walk away from the table without a deal.


>>>>>>>Many people listen, but few actually hear. You can’t learn anything if you are doing all of the talking.



·         >>>>>>In the long run, instincts are no match for information


·    >>>>>>The very best negotiations debrief themselves after every negotiation. They keep notes on their own performances as well as that of their opponents. You never know when that information may be gold.


HR Management:

Labor-management relationships and skilled negotiators



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