Key Issues (Symptoms/Problems)

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BUS 411 Strategic Management

Assignment 01- Case Analysis


· Read the a case “MMICC 2015 Case”

· Form a group of 3 people and Prepare a Report (not more than 10 pages) 20 marks

The Assignment should cover the following points:

1. Brief Overview (Describe the Company and Identify the Industry)

2. Situation Analysis (SWOT/PESTLE/Porter’s Five Forces/4P’s)

3. Key Issues (Symptoms/Problems)

4. Alternatives (A set of strategic alternatives that have a potential to solve the problem)

5. Evaluation of Alternatives (How well does the alternative address the issue stated? / List the pros and cons of each alternative)

6. Recommendation

7. Implementation Plan (Steps to follow constrained by budget and timeline/Short term and long term plan/Always look for appendices)

8. Risk and Mitigation (List all the challenges that would prevent the company from successfully implementing the proposed solution/List risk mitigation strategies for every challenge)

Rubric for Report:






Key Issue(s)

Did not identify Key Issues

Partially identified Key Issues

Mostly identified Key Issues

Absolutely identified Key Issues

Relevant Factors

Did not analyze Relevant Factors

Partially analyzed Relevant Factors

Mostly analyzed Relevant Factors

Absolutely analyzed Relevant Factors

Alternatives (Identify)

Did not develop realistic Alternatives

Partially developed realistic Alternatives

Mostly developed realistic Alternatives

Absolutely developed realistic Alternatives

Alternatives (Evaluate)

Did not evaluate Alternatives

Partially evaluated Alternatives

Mostly evaluated Alternatives

Absolutely evaluated Alternatives


Did not select a Recommendation to address key issues

Partially selected a Recommendation to address key issues

Mostly selected a Recommendation to address key issues

Absolutely selected a Recommendation to address key issues

Implementation Plan

Did not present a feasible implementation plan

Partially presented a feasible implementation plan

Mostly presented a feasible implementation plan

Absolutely presented a feasible implementation plan

Date of Submission: WEEK 6