labor in China

What happens to labor in China will impact all of us a American consumers.

Please read the four short articles on labor in China and watch the video on Apple’s production facility in China before discussing the following questions:

1.         Despite the current push in labor activism, do you believe that the Chinese government is really open to the criticisms of worker’s rights or do you believe that they would continue to restrict the flow of information and Internet and disrupt the labor movement?

2.         Manufacturers are leaving China since the workforce turnover rates are high and wage rates are beginning to climb.  What do you believe the factories in China can do to achieve greater workplace retention and increase employee job satisfaction?  How can they compete with countries like Viet Nam?

3.         Based on the article entitled, “The Rise of a Chinese Worker’s Movement”, why do you think technology has been so crucial in this new wave of activism for labor rights in China?

4.        After watching the video “iFactory: Inside Apple” what are your thoughts about the working conditions at Foxconn? How do you feel about owning an iPhone?  What impact might a labor union have on Foxconn and their employees?