Lists a minimum of three practical and implementable potential solutions, each

Guide Lines:

Write a short research proposal that outlines your goals for your semester long research project. This proposal must cover the five following components of your research and be organized using the following headings:

Problem and Research Questions:

State the exact solvable problem using ONLY one or two sentences List a minimum of five specific, open-ended research questions

Background and Purpose:

Gives information from preliminary research (includes citation of at least three

sources)Ends by stating the purpose of the research/overall goal of the project

Potential Audiences:

Lists no less than five specific, professional potential audiences for the final


Writer’s Role:

Provides no less than one paragraph showing personal interest in solving this



Lists a minimum of three practical and implementable potential solutions, each

separated by using bullet points or white space for organization

Actual situtation:

PROBLEM: The rules of the Florida DMV are extremely liberal. The problem will be bad driving in FLorida.

The 3 solutions will be:

-Making the exam harder

-Re evaluating people every five years

-Making sure that people before 21 and after 70 are fit to drive adding things as a random exam every year, By receiving a DMV letter in the mail will a schuedled appointment to do a re evolution.

Complete a short proposal. Each section on the assignment sheet should be completed.

Below I will attach an exam from another student, it should have everything this easy has but related to my dmv idea of Florida.

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