My SQL project

There are three main purposes of the database application project:
1.             To analyze, design and implement a simple database project that applies to a specific business or personal data 
          management need.
2.             To become familiar with the features and use of an actual database management systems product.
3.             To evaluate the product in terms of how successfully it is able to satisfy the major objectives of the database 
               approach. These include: independence, integrity, security, recovery, concurrency, limiting redundancy, 
               performance, ease of use, and power of expression of its DDL/DML.
Follow the steps given below:
1.             Identify a reasonably simple but meaningful business or personal data management problem.
2.             Analyze and design a database using E-R Diagrams, database normalization, and other techniques presented in the 
               course that will help solve your problem.
3.             Learn the basics of Microsoft Access and use Access to implement your database solution.
4.             Implement your Project using Microsoft Access 2000 or later version.
Each student will be responsible for handing in the following:
1.             A report describing the database management problem you have set out to solve, the approach you took to solve it, 
         and your evaluation of Microsoft Access's capabilities.
2.             Your E-R Model, sample output or listing showing inputs, and the results of your use of the project you developed.
         Note that most reports run from 10-15 pages in length.
Your database project should include the following:
  a.  A narrative of your database project, including its purpose
       and objectives, and how a database might well solve your
       information needs;
  b.  The ERD (either Chen Model or Crow’s Foot Model)  conceptual 
       design for that database; 
  c.  A Descriptions of the tables (entities) and columns 
  d.  Listing of the data;
  e.  Sample of queries and resulting reports;
  f.  Summary of what you learned and your reaction to the experience
      of creating you database application.
 Note:  The possible applications are limitless, but it does NOT have to be very complex.  If you can tie it in with 
             something that is related to your job, so much the better.  If not, find something that is of interest to you.
The Project Report is due at the end of the semester.  Please submit your Project Report in electronic form to the Database 
Project Assignment In-Box during Week 12.  Do NOT submit your MS Access database itself; only your Project Report is 

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