My subject on today’s matter is diversity in the workplace.


My subject on today’s matter is diversity in the workplace. I always thought the word ‘diversity’ was bad in the workplace until I ran into an article called, “The state of Diversity in Today’s Workforce.” Which states that diversity is the greatest thing that has happened to the workforce. It picks out the best candidates for the job by showing the individuals skills needed for the right job. It also gives more drive for the individual to work harder and better for the company. It has helped grow the economy as more diverse character numbers grow into the workforce. This article really has helped me understand more about diversity that I didn’t know before, and I believe this was the perfect subject for me to write about for my discussion.


The article that I chose to write about is diversity in the workplace. According to the website people scout it says that demographic analysis conducted by the Pew Research Center, by 2055, the U.S. will no longer have a single racial or ethnic majority. Workplace diversity is the differences between individuals in an organization. Diversity is not only how a person sees themselves but how others see them. The benefits of having diversity in a workplace is it gives a better range of different people. It also allows more qualified people and it takes less time to fill positions in the workplace. Some tips to managing diversity in the workplace they are to prioritize communication, treat each employee as an individual, encourage others to work with different people in the workplace, be open-minded.



Life-span development is an important topic in psychology that has an entire course devoted to it (PSY 211). Human development is influenced by our environment and experiences. Research gives us clues on which has the most impact on a particular area, but we still do not have definitive answers.

Choose a trait or behavior and state whether you believe it is influenced most strongly by nature or nurture. Back up your position with material from the text and information from a study or other credible source. For example, you might choose something such as a specific talent, sexual orientation/gender identity, or a certain type of prosocial/antisocial behavior.

With the next two essay offer constructive suggestions for strengthening your classmates’ essays.



Voter Suppression is one of the many tools the government uses to get what they want. Most of the time it is to get a certain person in office. Some of the types of Voter Suppression are.1 voter ID laws. Witch in some states in the USA if you don’t have a picture id you cannot vote. There are two points on this idea those that say let’s your id because it will prove that the person is alive, that they are also a member of that state and a USA citizen. then they are those that say it’s against the law and people’s rights to vote. 2 removing voters name of the voters list. Witch is more common than you may think. in 2016 thousand where removed for the voter list. 3 Gerrymandering is where the government by change a district or wade in a city, town, village, county or state so that a certain this tactic has been used for many years party will win the election in 2018 there was a court case where it was ruled that Gerrymandering so a district can go for one party. was done in the 2016 elections and that those districts must be redone so it is fair for both parties. 4 closed primaries’. Is another big issue it is where some state must register as democrat to vote for a democrat or a republican to vote for republican months before the primaries which is hard because many don’t know they live in a closed primaries state and it does not take in account for independent witch mean means they cannot vote in the primaries in a closed primaries state. Some of the other things that are use is people will go to more than one place to vote or some will come in a few times with different name, so they can use dead people’s names. There are many other was that Voter Suppression can be used I have just mentioned a few of them.


It is important that offenders have a variety of employment opportunities available in the community so they can find one that they enjoy and find fulfillment. Many career theorists have proven that one’s employment affects their overall happiness. John Holland theorized that people have specific interests and that they could be measured, this measurement is called a Holland Code (National Career Development Association, 2014, pg 1-5). Furthermore, careers have elements that can be measured and matched to one’s interests. If one chooses a career outside of their interests, they have a high probability of being dissatisfied, unhappy, and inefficient. When one chooses a career within their interests, they find a sense of purpose that leads to long-term happiness and productivity. In fact, according to the Indiana Department of Corrections, in 2017, offenders that were placed in work release programs to prioritize work, were 37.8% less likely to recidivate compared to those who did not participate (Indiana Department of Corrections, 2017). However, administering an assessment to determine an offender’s Holland Code does not guarantee that that job field has available positions in the area. For an offender, the likelihood of having many options to explore their interests is very low. Due to a stigma and fear of criminal activity, many employers do not hire one with a criminal background. Offenders don’t often get a chance to illustrate job skills acquired through programming and practice life skills such as budgeting when there are barriers to employment in their community. The stigma affects offenders’ job opportunities but it also affects social support.