Luke 18:31-24:53. If you are not trying to read through the entire New Testament this semester you can skip chapters 20 and 21.

1. List a number of the things that you learned anew from reading the Berding/Williams textbook (don’t just copy the main points of the textbook; what was new or helpful to you?).
2. What details did you notice in your reading of Luke 18-24 that were new to you or had a new significance on this reading. If you are reading closely you should be able to make five or six observations from your reading here.
3. Read Luke 1:42-49; 11:27-28; 23:26-31. How are these passages related? What do you think Luke intends to communicate by placing these at the beginning, middle, and end of his narrative?
4. In what ways does Luke 24 sum up a number of the major themes in the Gospel of Luke?


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