Online Chemistry Homework

I need 11 questions done by exactly 11:59 pm tonight.

The website is and here are the instructions:

click on log in under general chemistry then scroll down until you see General Chemistry, 10th Edition ; Ebbing, Gammon; ISBN: 978-1-111-58087-2 (also for Hybrid Edition, ISBN: 978-1-111-98947-7) and click on it.

Then click the P at the top of the page which will direct you to the bottom and you should see pace university at the top which you click.

Then click user log in and message me for the username and password.

There are 11 questions : the first 11 that dont have green checks next to them (the green R boxes and yellow X boxes not the purple O’s) each question (except for maybe one) has three problems but you only have to get two of each right in order to recieve a green check and move on the the next. There is only one or more that requires you to do all three. You get an unlimited amount of tries but it MUST be done by 11:59 (or before then) because the site removes them by then.

message me for the password and username

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