opportunity to apply the concepts

If the discussion topics have multiple questions, please choose one question and develop a 300-500, word response on how you would address the issue or issues presented. I look for quality and critical thinking rather than quantity.Please write, as if you’re presenting something to your employer and put a strong effort into the assignment. Don’t look at the questions as busy work, but as an opportunity to apply the concepts.

Please use A.P.A format and have at least two scholarly reference citations in your initial post. You should find a peer reviewed article to support your answer in addition to the text book or slides.

Be sure to include at least one scholarly reference citation in your peer response.

You are assigned to the account for a new hybrid automobile. Discuss the research that you need to conduct for each step in the strategic decision-making process. What do you need to do in order to put together a useful brief for the creative team?