Organizational Behavior Principles




  • Discuss and evaluate methods of motivating and rewarding individuals and groups.
  • Identify processes and methods that can improve the behavior and attitudes of organizational members.
  • Identify the organizational behavior concepts and theories present in real business situations.
  • Use effective communication techniques.




Library Research Project

Senior leaders must understand how to motivate employees in a variety of ways. Research major motivational theories, and pick 3 theories to discuss.

For each motivational theory, address the following:


  • For each motivational theory, address the following:

    • Briefly describe each theory, including its history, foundation, model, and application.
    • Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each theory.
    • Explain options and strategies an organization can use to apply this theory to motivating employees.
    • Select 1 theory to implement, and develop specific methods for implementation explaining your rationale for the selection of this theory and your implementation design.

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