Parenting Interview – Good Answers

Parenting Interview – Good Answers

For this assignment, you will be interviewing a parent who has raised at
least one child to adulthood. Interview the parent about their
relationship with that child. Change the questions to reflect their own
life experiences.
The purpose of this activity/paper is to:
a) better see why parent(s) raised their child the way they did and articulate those practices,
b) give you insight and analysis into their biases, tendencies, and values in raising children,
c) create an action plan for what is both helpful and hurtful to
determine your own personal parenting philosophy and plan of action.
Some of the most valuable things you will learn might be from
spontaneous, follow-up questions and from connections during the
interview. Therefore, this needs to be a live interview. You may
complete it on the phone, through webcams, or best—in person, but not
written electronically or mailed in a letter. Please indicate in your
paper your relationship to your interviewee(s) and verify it was a live
The final paper should be double-spaced and be at least 3-4 pages. If
you get short, one-sentence answers, ask more in-depth, individualized
questions to get the paper length. You can write this in any format you
prefer: the question and direct quote from parent(s), a 3rd person
summary of the interview, or a combination of both. However, I will mark
down points if the paper is not punctuated correctly, has spelling
errors or other grammar problems.
Interview of Parent(s) Part A (feel free to change or add more as the conversation leads):
What experiences of your parents or ancestors contribute to who your
family is today? What have you learned from your family history and
Why did you choose to have a child(ren)? What were the particular life
circumstances that preceded your child(ren)’s birth (such as your
courtship and/or marriage, education, work, business, living
arrangement, other siblings born first)?
What changes did your family experience after birth? How was the
adjustment period? How did birth order affect other siblings if there
were any?
How were the responsibilities shared/divided for caregiving and
providing for your child(ren) if there were two parents? If there was
one parent, how did that parent carry out his/her responsibilities?
What were the joys/challenges of raising your child at these stages:
infant/toddler, early childhood (3-8 yrs.), late childhood (9-12),
adolescence (13-18)
What was your discipline style? Did you feel you were a strict
(authoritarian), authoritative or a lenient (permissive) parent? Did
your style change with time or from child to child?
How do you feel about being a parent? How have your feelings changed over the years?
8. What advice would you give me about raising children?

Reflection and Analysis Part B
What did you learn about their values, biases and tendencies that you
admire or disagree with? How did their parenting attitudes and behaviors
compare/contrast to how you were raised?
Action Plan Part C
How did this interview give insight into your own biases, tendencies,
and values in raising children? What awareness have you gained about the
way this/these parent(s) raised their child(ren) that was helpful or
hurtful? Determine your own personal parenting philosophy and plan of
action in keeping what was good and getting rid of what was bad.

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