personal inventory

personal inventory
November 7, 2019
a developing country
November 7, 2019

personal inventory

1. You must be sure that the sources of opinion testimony are trusted by your listeners because opinion testimony cannot be verified, it must simply be accepted.

2. Which of the following is a “finding aid”?
internet browser
reference librarian
personal inventory
magnifying glass

3. Reasoning by sign proceeds by:
using specific instances to infer a general conclusion.
showing that when one thing stands for another, we can infer the existence of what it stands for.
inferring that facts or opinions from a reliable source are accurate and trustworthy.
using a powerful story to lead the audience to the conclusion one wants to support.
arguing that two things that are basically alike in most respects will also be alike with respect to the issue at hand.

4. Which of the following sources of information is more up-to-date than books?
Internet sources
all of these

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