Persuasive Speech

Persuasive Speech

(5-7 minutes with PowerPoint)

Evaluation Form

Speaker ____________________________ Topic _______________________________


Attention-getter effective, /3

Credibility established and topic adapted to audience /2

Proposition statement clear, challenging and persuasive /3

Statement of Relevance /2

Previewed main points /3

BODY (75)

Main points clear, organized in logical and persuasive pattern (problem/solution / ANSVA) /20

All points well supported, adequate evidence, and credible references cited /20

Language clear, vivid, personal, and appropriate (ethos) /10

Signpost, transitions clear and effective /5

Effective reasoning, use of logic, and emotional persuasive appeals (logos, pathos) /10

Policy clear; addressed need, plan satisfactionvisualization, and practicality /10


Summarized and reviewed main points /5

Supported persuasive proposition, called for action, and provided closure /7


Delivery confidently in a natural and extemporaneous style; appropriate use of note cards /10

Appropriate vocal characteristics, rate, volume, and pronunciation /10

Appropriate eye contact, expression, gestures, posture, use of stage and appearance /10

Visual Aids/PowerPoint Presentation (10) /10 Design, Usage, Compliment

Speech Time ____________ (Penalty -5 points under 5 mins. or over 7 mins.)

Additional deductions and comments:

Total Score /140