Plant Research Term Project, Part 1:

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Plant Research Term Project, Part 1:

You have already chosen a plant to research (I chose Astrgalus). Now you will begin to build your final term project.

Part 1: This section will include the following and each of these should have headings bolded and underlined

  • Title Page including your name, date, chosen herb (I Chose Astrgalus ), and word count 
  • Short introduction
  • Common Uses
  • Basic information
  • Treatments, cures
  • Growth habitats
  • Preparation for medicinal use
  • Include  pictures of your chosen plant. Make sure they are integrated nicely in the text, not separate or all at the end. Also make sure they are an appropriate size.
  • Include a word count. 1500 words minimum! -5 points for no word count and ZERO for a false word count.
  • Include your references

The format should be formal and college-level with proper grammar. When you turn in your paper as an attachment make sure the file is labeled with the name of the plant you studied labeled as Part 1

Before starting the paper, please re-read the Warning on Plagiarism. I am VERY tough on this. Pay attention to the Turnitin score which will appear when you post your paper.

  • Posted: 19 days ago
  • Due: 25/10/2018
  • Budget: $10