Please note that if you choose a very complex space

In a 750 word essay, describe a public space you have observed and make a statement about the reasons for certain elements of the design of the space. Your essay should have the following elements:

A detailed description of the space. Please note that if you choose a very complex space (such as an amusement park or museum) you should hone in on one smaller area of the space.

A discussion about how design decisions affect your experience of the space, and about why the designer(s) might have chosen particular elements and arrangements.

At the end of your introductory description you should have a thesis statement that states your claim about the space. (Eg.: While the large plate glass windows offer some relief from the institutional feel, the designers of college classroom used angular shapes, light neutral colors, fluorescent lighting, and uncomfortable seating to reduce distraction, impose a feeling of seriousness, and maintain student discomfort in an effort to keep them awake.)

Your body paragraphs will further elaborate on how each element contributes to the designers’ purpose.