Please provide your response to the following discussion prompt in

Please provide your response to the following discussion prompt in 250–500 words. Save the file in either .doc or .docx format and upload the document into the Upload Area for Discussion 3.

Developing an academic essay often requires consideration for both art and science. You may be thinking, “Wait, I thought I signed up for English Composition!” Yes, you are in the correct course—the refined outline you construct (science) will be populated with your developed content, which may include researched data, new insights, drawn conclusions, etc. (art). In sum, think of a connect-the-dots activity; each numbered point represents a precisely ordered foundational aspect of your outline: introduction, thesis, supporting points, and conclusion. Once you connect those dots to reveal a complete image, you have developed an introductionwith a thesis statement (claim) that is supported by evidence, and ultimately ends with a conclusion that ties back around to your opening opinion. Now you have a complete image that provides parameters for you to fill in as you desire. Therefore, as you can deduce, a well-structured outline is very important!

For this exercise, think of an arguable claim related to a trending topic in the news. Remember, an arguable claim is an opinion you hold that someone can either agree or disagree with. Develop a single paragraph with your claim in a topic sentence. Use the sentences following to support the opinion in your topic sentence. In essence, the support you include is an effort to persuade the opposition to accept your stance. You can use some research, but most of the content should be original. Try to develop upon each of your supporting points so that you avoid a simple list-like layout.