Postgraduate Level

No of Pages: 5 Pages or more, at least 1375 words

Postgraduate Level

Deadline: 18 Hours Maximum from now

Must have Scholarly References

Case Study 2 Grading Rubric

Select5commercial real estate investment properties currently listed for sale from any source–If you chose commercial properties for the first case you can extend that selection here. If you need to locate other properties Loopnet may be a resource to try. Make sure to look through available information before choosing a property. The more information publicly available for a listing the easier the case will be. If some information is missing you can create assumptions but make sure to justify them.

Analyze each of these investments using a SWOT analysis. – This is referring to the basic strength, weakness, opportunity and threat categories. This should be completed for each of the chosen properties.

Analyze each of these investments using at least 5 relevant financial ratios from your text. – The ratios can be those that were referred to in your discussion board. For example, IRR, MIRR, equity dividend rate, debt coverage ratio, operating expense ratio, gross rent multiplier or any of the others.

Analyze each of these investments using at least 3 capital budgeting techniques (for example, NPV, IRR, and MIRR). – In order to do this you will need to first compute the cash flows. You cannot complete this analysis on gross rents. Another common issue on this requirement is to ignore the terminal value. For example, if you are assuming a 5 year holding period you need to not only account for the cost of the property today but also the selling price in year 5. More detail can be found when reviewing the material on DCF analysis.

Provide conclusions as to which investment you should choose based on your analysis and why (assume that only 1 investment can be selected out of the 5). –You can refer back to whichever analysis you utilized to draw a conclusion from. If you chose a traditional ratio to make your decision on make sure to refer to it. Similarly, if you used a component of the DCF approach to draw a conclusion from make sure to reference it.