pre-dating my signature

In Chapter 2 we studied Ethics and the idea that we are each surrounded by our own personal values of right and wrong…our individual “ethical compass” if you will. For your DF  Week 4 first post I want you to describe a situation at work or school or on a team where your personal ethics (values of right and wrong) were challenged and tell us what the outcome was. No names of people or companies please. It doesn’t need to be really serious, just a situation where your values of right and wrong were challenged. Here is an example…  As chairman of the Business Division a few years ago, faculty would come to me after they had attended a conference or workshop and ask me to “fudge” the approval date so it looked like they had gotten my approval before they attended the event, which was required if the conference was to count toward needed Professional Development requirements. The faculty member had attended the conference and they learned a lot, they just forgot to have me sign off on it before they attended. This was a challenge to my ethics, since pre-dating my signature was not being truthful… What to do…?  Tell me your story (note that the situation may have been one faced by your friend or family member if you have not personally faced something like this).

The story should only be half a page.