proforma income statement

No of Pages: 3 Pages or more, at least 825 words

Undergraduate Level

Deadline: 9 Hours Maximum from now

Corporate Finance

Please review 3 attached files in zip. also note requirements are to have a word document with analysis and a excel file with solutions. request is for apa format with direct quotes that have page numbers in text citations . Undergraduate upper level class

As you move through the Conch mini case you will be asked to create a proforma income statement, preferably on excel, calculate depreciation, operating cash flow, net income and the NPV (net present value) of the project. This is the most in-depth mini case in the course and I suggest you get started as early as possible. Please make sure and read Chapter 10 carefully as the case follows the same flow as the chapter. There is also a written portion with this mini-case, so please review the assignment instructions and rubric before submitting your final work.