Progression about chicano stereotypes

2 full pages. 2 sources. MLA format. Times roman. Use 4-5 vocabulary words.


explain why you feel your chosen topic (Chicano stereotypes) is important to/for chicano community.

explain why those point are important. What do you intend to resolve this kind of incorrect stereotypes.


Include: Exampeles, how are they spread, impact on the chicano common and propse a solution.


Some of examples about chicano: poor, gangsters manual labor, etc…., 


Vocabulary words: abdicate,academic, acronym, acumen, addendum, ad hoc, adjacent, adulterate, affidavit, agenda , agnostic, alien, altruism, AM, ambivalent, annihilate, anonymous, apogee, archaic, belligerent, cardinal, caveat, cogent, concur, conjecture, criterion, decimate, demagogue, denizen, despot, dialect, didactic, echelon, epiphany, esoteric, ethos, exonerate, germane, gratuitous, hiatus, hybrid.



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