Read through your peers’ posts and select one to comment upon

Comment to a Peer’s Blog Post (target 150 words)

Read through your peers’ posts and select one to comment upon (try to select a peer who hasn’t received a comment).  Use your comment to analyze their posted image using a different connection to the course material than the one used by your peer.  For the comment, you are free to use any concept/term/approach we’ve explored since the beginning of our course.

For example, a student may post their Blog with an image from their favorite Science Fiction movie and connect it to the theme of anxiety of science/technology.  Your comment could then analyze that same posted image connecting it to explicit/implicit meaning.

comment on the blog below.

John Hartigan

One of the most prevalent noir conventions seen in Sin City, directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez, is the use of the antihero as the protagonist. In noir films, the antihero serves the purpose of expressing the disenchantment towards traditional lightheartedness and nationalism in movies that preceded the birth of the genre. In the image I’ve chosen to represent this aspect of the film, we see the main character, John Hartigan, a veteran of the police force who has grown disillusioned over the years of his service. As seen in the image, Hartigan typifies the noir antihero, as seen in his gruff demeanor, lack of good looks, and scar, creating a disparity between him and traditional hero archetypes. Hartigan possesses a willingness to do what he sees as morally right despite the consequences. Throughout the film, he defies his dissenting partner as well as other members of the corrupt police force in order to carry out justice. This typical portrayal of the antihero furthers the plot through the many hardships he must endure as he faces off against the incompetent justice system. In this sense, the antihero is essential, as a hero bound by traditional morals would be incapable of the necessary actions taken by Hartigan in his mission. Another convention seen in noir films is the dramatic use of contrast, as seen in the choice to edit the film (even though it was shot in 2005) in order to make it black-and-white. The use of dark settings, almost exclusively placed at night, further cements it as a neo-noir.

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