Reflect on what you learned from this perspectiv


watch Clint Smith’s short TED Talk, How to Raise a Black Son in America (found on the Exploration page), and write a response paper reflecting on how larger social issues (in this case, race and racism) affect private family life and shape individual experiences of the surrounding world.

Be creative, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.


After viewing How to Raise a Black Son in America, write a response paper that includes the following sections:

Introduction: One paragraph that introduces the reader to the central topic of the perspective addressed

Main Body: Outline and explain the main message, argument, or problem presented, and connect it to key ideas and concepts from the course content, readings, and Exploration page. Be sure to use in-text citations formatted in APA Style.

Compare/Contrast: Discuss how the family experiences and messages described by the speaker are similar to or different from your own family experiences.

Conclusion: Reflect on what you learned from this perspective. Specifically, discuss how the perspective may differ from your own perspective, how it brought to light something you had not thought about before, or why it challenged your thinking. Be sure to conclude by explaining why this perspective is important for understanding the connection between family and society.

The paper should be at least 3 pages (the title page and reference page do not count as part of the page requirement). This should include well-supported and well-written information addressing the criteria outlined in this assignment page.

Please include proper formatting throughout the paper. Use APA Style to format the title page, reference page, and citations. Use third-person language, double-spacing, a 12-point font, and one-inch margins.