Research Domino’s as a Global Corporation – provide their top five markets

Read the discussion board instruction and grading guideline in your syllabus. Watch the following videos and answer the questions:

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  1. Research Domino’s as a Global Corporation – provide their top five markets.
  2. Discuss some of the cultural adjustments that they had to make in different countries (choose at least three different countries to discuss).
  3. Is it important for international marketers to give back to the communities / countries that they do business in?
  4. Where would you suggest Domino’s expand to next?
  5. Also, watch the Subway International Expansion Video – what comparisons can you make between the Subway and Domino’s international expansion?

Use  an authored outside  reference beyond your textbook. Zero points given for non-authored web   sources.  It is   okay/great to use your textbook, but I want to see more research beyond your   text. You may use a brand web page too, but you still need an authored source   too. Recap your reference in APA format only   at the bottom of your posting. Your reference must be clearly   cited in APA format within your posting to count. Always provide   the exact web site address for this course in your recap of references for   full credit.

Research always beyond the   materials provided to ADD to the discussion.  An authored source is simply one   that is associated with a human(s) NAME.   For example, your textbook is   an authored source.  The United States Census Bureau is not an authored   source.  But it is fine to use as long as you ALSO use an authored   reference source.

No videos, blogs, tweets, wikis, interviews, podcasts, encyclopedias,   or dictionaries allowed – use an authored reference.

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