Review the Checklist at the end of the chapter in your textbook.


TO:  English 361 Students

FROM:  Dr. Kwaku Walker kw

DATE:  June 17, 2018

SUBJECT:  Resume and Cover Letter Assignment

The purpose of this memo is to provide the specifics for the job ad that appeared in the university newspaper.


In order to learn from practical application, each student should compose both a resume and cover letter for the position discussed.


The Congressional Education Research Institute (CERI) is looking for a student intern to serve as a Research Assistant.

Description: CERI is a non-profit public policy and education organization. Interns will assist staff members in the research and development of various education programs for underrepresented racial and ethnic groups in Washington DC. Interns will work with advisors, staff, and other professionals to plan programs, prepare publications, newsletters, reports, and conference materials for minority students, organizational professionals, and the public. Interns will learn about public policy, journalism, economics, and politics.

Time commitment: 15 hours weekly

Benefits: The internship offers a course credit, health insurance, and a $5,000 monthly stipend.

Requirements:  Candidates should be enrolled in a college or university and have at least one year of student experience at the university. Applicants need to have some experience using the Internet for research and communication purposes. Applicants should have excellent communication skills. Research, management, editing, and public relation experience are a plus.

Your job application letter should be directed to:

Mrs. Carmen Neal-Ryan Intern Manager

94 Baker Street NW

Washington, DC 20528 (No phone calls please)

Before submitting your final draft:

  • Review the Checklist at the end of the chapter in your textbook.
  • Make sure that your resume contains      references. If your resume does      not mention references or if you write “References Available Upon Request”      on your resume, you must also submit a reference sheet.
  • Avoid copying sample resumes or job application letters from the      Internet—plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  • The resume      and job application letter should be error free.