Review the Six Major American Genres (

Blog Project #1 “My Favorite Films and Genre Conventions”

Part 1:  Blog Post (media image with target 250 words) — DUE BY 11:59 PM (SD TIME) WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 3rd


Your objective with this Blog project is to explore the Six Major American Genres examined in the reading, and the sets of genre conventions characterizing each genre (Chapter 3 “Types of Movies”).  Using one of your favorite movies representing one of the six genres, uncover/analyze one set of genre conventions present in your movie, and post an image from that movie representing the genre convention.


  1. Review the Six Major American Genres (Gangster, Film Noir, Science Fiction, Horror, Western, Musical) and the six sets of genre conventions (Story Formulas, Theme, Character Types, Setting, Presentation, Stars) characterizing each genre, explored in your reading (Chapter 3 “Types of Movies”).
  2. Choose one of the Six Major American Genres and one of your favorite movies (one we haven’t explored in class) having characteristics in whole or in part with the genre you’ve selected. For example, if you choose the Horror Genre, your favorite movie could fit completely within that genre, representing many if not all of the genre conventions.  Or you could choose a favorite movie that’s a hybrid or mash-up of genres, for example a romantic comedy-adventure with elements of horror.  If you choose a hybrid or mash-up, you’ll focus on the specific set of conventions representing your chosen Genre present in your movie.
  3. Explore the reading’s sets of genre conventions present in your favorite movie.  Select one genre convention you believe was significant in your movie.
  4. Find/create one (1) media image from your favorite movie representing the genre convention you’ve chosen.  You can create/select any image from your favorite movie (capture a still, find it on the internet) but it needs to visually represent one convention from the genre you’ve chosen.  Make sure you insert the image in your Blog Post so your blog group members can see it (without having to click to reveal it).  Use the instructions provided below.
  5. For the written portion of your Blog Post, briefly analyze the specific genre convention present in your movie and justify the image you’ve chosen. (What is the set of genre conventions you’ve selected? How is the genre convention used in your movie? In what ways does your posted image represent that genre convention?)  Be sure to include the name of the genre and the title of the favorite movie you’ve chosen.  (target 250 words)