specific examples that support your ideas and opinions

The goal for this activity is the sharing of information our class already possesses about the effective writing of email.

Here’s an outline (aka blueprint) of what you’ll find in the rest of these directions:

  • Due dates and criteria for success
  • Recommended process

Due dates and criteria for success

Our grading rubric for this activity may differ from ones you’ve encountered in other courses. It contains the specific criteria below:

  • Timeliness of your “initial” post (possibly a response to someone else’s post) by Wednesday
  • Features of your main post:
    • your main point early in the message, before your sample or website
    • specific examples that support your ideas and opinions
    • paragraphing to reveal each new point you make)
  • Substantive contributions to discussion by Sunday night – up to six thoughts supported by details, examples, stories, research, etc., in a single message or in several

For the details of each criterion, please click on “Show Rubric” behind the gear icon in the upper right corner of this text box.

Recommended process

To support your opening point about your experience with email, please write and post an informal report on Two of the three options described below:

  • An email you’ve received, with your commentary on its effectiveness (Please copy in the sample email, if possible. Remove the names of persons and organizations and any other “sensitive” information.)
  • A technological tool for revising and editing email, with the reasons you find it helpful (Grammarly.com has been a recent suggestion.)
  • A website that can help us write effective email, with your reasons for choosing to share it (http://www.copyblogger.com/mobile-friendly-emails (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.has been a recent suggestion.)